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Nikolai Josef

Looking to expand your business to English-speaking customers?

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My Services

Below, you can find all of the services I currently offer, as well as a quick rundown of exactly what these entail.

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Social Media Consultancy

Is your business struggling to take that first leap into the world of social media? Do you already have an established following, but want to branch out to more English-speaking users? I can help you to grow your social media presence into a thriving, useful tool to advertise your business and connect with new customers.

English Content Writing

Are you struggling to find the words to express your message in English? Whether from a full brief or just a general vision of what you want the text to contain, I can put together pieces of content that are written as a native reader would expect.

Content Proofreading

Have you already put together your website or a text in English, but aren't sure if it is correct? I can ensure that the text is not only grammatically correct, but also flows as an English piece of writing should.

SEO Consultancy

Search engines are the lifeblood of many companies and, with the world becoming more reliant on the internet with each day, it's important that your website is constructed with SEO in mind. From keyword analysis on existing pages to potential new additions to your website, I can ensure that your website makes its way into potential customers' searches.

Need something that isn't listed here?

If you feel that a service is not listed on the page, but fits a similar description to something I offer, you can always contact me directly to discuss the possibility of said service.


As an English native, I have always had a deep passion for not only the English language, but also creative and technical writing. 

I spent 5 years working as a content creator, project manager, and SEO adviser in London before making the jump over the Channel to live in Bregenz, Austria with my girlfriend.

I have continued my work here in Austria, building experience in writing on a number of topics, including medical blogs, gaming and gambling advertisements, full-feature creative posts, and more. Regardless of the topic, I am always ready to jump into a new challenge and prepare any research necessary.

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