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Who am I?

Born in London, England, I was raised in the capital for 24 years until I eventually moved to Bregenz in Vorarlberg, Austria to live with my girlfriend.

My Experience

I have spent the last 5 years working as a self-employed consultant and content writer, helping to manage and direct teams of up to 60 employees in their pursuit of the written word, as well as creating and writing content myself.

I have worked with companies using both British and American English, both in Europe and the rest of the English-speaking world, allowing myself to develop skills in all forms of written English - this includes common phrases that ensure your content will be written just as a native of your target demographic would expect it to be.

For a full list of the services I offer, you can take a look at the page linked below, as well as my portfolio, which showcases some of the work I have done over the past years.

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