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Advertising Workshop

Used by GK Communications

We've all been there; your company and product are ready to be displayed across every billboard around the country, the perfect design prepared to sweep the social media world into stunned amazement, but how do you know which ads are worth paying for?

Not only do you have to decide which ads to pay for, but how much should you be paying?

Our workshop on paid advertising will give you all the knowledge needed to not only get the right ads up for your company for the right price, but also how to track and understand the results once they are live.

  • When? - 12/01

  • Where? - Almere (The venue is currently undecided, but it will be announced in the near future)

  • Who? - The workshop is being given by GK Communications.

With a wealth of knowledge packed into 4 hours, here is a small preview of the things you will learn at our workshop:

  • How to choose the right paid advertisements, ensuring that you get as much benefit as possible from the money you spend.

  • Understanding what A/B testing is, how it functions and what benefits it brings for the web analytics of existing ad campaigns.

  • Grouping the data that you collect after your ads go live, as well as understanding how to properly analyse it.

  • The way in which return on investment (ROI) can impact your marketing choices, as well as understanding how to properly assess potential ROI figures.

Regardless of whether this is your first time looking into paid advertising options or you are trying to assess the impact of past ventures, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn new things that will benefit both you and your business.

Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure not to miss this chance and save the date in your calendars!

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