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My Work

In this section, you can find a number of full PDF-format examples of my writing work, as well as examples of the growth companies have experienced with my assistance as a social media consultant.


Advertising Workshop

Tasked with a tight word limit, I put together a text advert for GK Communications, who were hosting a workshop on paid advertising in the Netherlands.


Warcraft Movie Review

After being invited by Blizzard Entertainment to the US premiere of the Warcraft movie, I was tasked with putting together a review of the whole experience and content analysis of the film.

Media Advertisement

Why is 13 unlucky?

Original content can be tough to perfect and, when I was approached by a website that focused on the history of mythology around the world with this title, I put together a short piece for them to feature.

Content Creation

This section contains examples of written content I created, either working from a brief or from a general direction of what the company wanted.


United Nations Development Program

Crowdfunding in Turkey is a sore point for many, due to the lack of contributions to popular sites, such as Crowdfon and Fongogo - compared to the success of Kickstarter that we know here in Europe and in the US, they amass tiny amounts of contributions. AltFinLab, working with the UNDP, wanted to draw attention to why this was and, following their brief and using my own research, I wrote a short piece on the problems of crowdfunding in Turkey.


UK Loans Service

TopUpFinance, a UK-based lender, needed an marketing email they could send to clients that potentially require financial aid. The world of marketing loans can be tricky, as you have to navigate the spam filters extremely delicately, to avoid the message simply being sent straight to the spam folder.


Informational Sports Betting Guides

The rise of esports is no secret and, as with every sport, it was only a matter of time before betting sites decided to start hosting bets on the outcomes of matches. Due to this, Gamblr wanted to host a guide to the basics of esports and how betting on it differs from normal sports betting.


Web Development Marketplace

Codester functions as a marketplace for developers to sell their work, so it is no surprise that they wanted to advertise some of the Wordpress themes featured on their site. For this article, their focus was on modern Wordpress themes, with the benefits and pitfalls of each.

Mythic Crossroads

Mythology Website

There are few things in the mythology of the world that are more famous than the Roman and Greek gods, so this comparison of the differences between the two felt like a perfect article for the Mythic Crossroads website.

Social Media Consultancy

This section highlights the results of my most recent bouts of social media consultancy.


October, 2020

My client requested ideas on how to create a surge of interest in their brand, as well as divert more traffic to their website, and we settled on a giveaway for the month, which I conceptualised and ran; it was a huge success, with the company gaining 6,028 followers for the month, far beyond their monthly average for the year of 1,042 followers gained.


January, 2021

After my client saw large changes in the performance of posts, they requested an analysis of the full month; with an eye on the insights provided by Facebook, I singled out posts that performed well and identified key factors that users enjoyed, allowing them to be used in future posts, leading to better engagement and reach.


November, 2020

For the uninitiated, Reddit can be a very dangerous place for any aspiring business - my client was struggling with a negative reception being echoed around multiple subreddits, despite already working to fix many issues. I helped to address the issues with the users, allowing my client to create a roadmap of improvements that led to a much better reception within the community.

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